MOLT by Hermes Pittakos

“(H)uman beings longed for their other half so much that they searched for it all over and, when they found it, wrapped themselves around it very tightly and did not let go. […] This is the origin of our desire for other human beings; […] Our greatest wish, if we could have it, would then be […] to melt us into one another so that our souls could be at one, and share in a common fate.” – Plato, Symposium, The Myth of Aristophanes (c. 400 BC)


Concept & Costume/Prosthetics: Hermes Pittakos
Performance: Federica Dauri & Lisa Stertz
Music by Kris Vango
Documentation: Jeremy Carne & Nikolas Kasinos

Performance première 9th November at Buffer Fringe Festival. Bedesten-Old St Nicholas Church, Nicosia, Cyprus