LR 05- 5-00 16:12:45 – 17:19:10

The work ‘LR 05- 5-00 16:12:45 – 17:19:10’ employs re-appropriation of found materials to create a nostalgic relationship which calls to question the evidence of time through the use of photographic and time-based media.

A multi-channel CCTV tape plays on an incompatible television resulting in the separate camera angles being broadcast simultaneously, producing a chaotic flickering effect. As the viewer attempts to perceive order the footage becomes distorted, fast-forwarding through time, and ultimately past any possibility of control or reasoning. The television playback has been recorded on tape, digitised and looped, observing a further level of surveillance and reflexivity.

Both the tape itself and the location in which it was discovered are symbols of abandonment, decay and impermanence. The format of VHS media contains an inherent futility, eventually degenerating beyond recognition. The work also includes photographs taken at the site on 35mm celluloid, another analog medium approaching obsolescence. Prints have been digitally scanned to further exemplify the act of photographic replication as a framing device, and also to obfuscate the causes of deterioration.

These pieces form a re-constructed reality reclaiming time outside of time. They play with the notion of an objective, fixed perspective, from which evidence of truth is formed. A dialogue between the audience and work is opened where perspectives coalesce to invent a new temporal and spatial plane.

featured at Relapse Collective